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Consultant Urologist

Dr Tom Shannon is an urologist with over 15 years experience in prostate cancer and minimally invasive surgery. Following graduation from the University of Western Australia in 1992 he undertook specialty training, completing his Fellowship in Urology in 1999. Post fellowship training was completed in Portsmouth UK, with additional training in minimally invasive surgery in Edinburgh, Scotland and Prostate Brachytherapy in Seattle, Washington.

On his return he was a pioneer of minimally invasive urological surgery in WA, having been amongst the first surgeons in Australia to perform keyhole surgery for kidney cancer, reconstruction, transplantation and partial kidney excision for small tumours. In his early experience, he was mentored by one of the world leaders in keyhole surgery, Dr Indiber Gill from the Cleveland Clinic. After several visits to Cleveland he was able to bring Professor Gill to Perth to teach other urologists in 2005.

He performed the first Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy in WA with the pioneering French surgeon, Professor Claude Abbou in 2004. He has vast experience in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment, having cared for over 10,000 men since starting practice. He has expertise in open, laparoscopic and robotic surgery with over 1500 surgical cases performed.

Dr Shannon is a leader in the development of prostate MRI in WA, undertaking advanced training in 2014 with Prof Jelle Barentsz from Holland. In 2015, in conjunction with the Cancer Council, Dr Shannon brought Dr Barentsz to Perth to educate and train other urologists and radiologists.

For patients who are not suitable for surgery, Dr Shannon is trained in prostate brachytherapy through the Seattle Prostate Institute since 2000. As a high volume and dedicated prostate cancer surgeon he has been able to build a strong team at Hollywood Hospital, dedicated to multidisciplinary care.

He was the first to recognise the importance of of a prostate cancer specialist nurse and developed the role in his rooms with Lisa Ferri. She is the only prostate cancer specialist nurse in a private hospital in Perth in 2012.

Tom Shannon is a strong advocate for men’s health and has been a board member of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (WA) for over 10 years. He also serves on the board of the WA Urological Research Organisation, ECU Exercise Medicine Research Institute and Ionic Health. Ionic Health is Australia’s first medical clinic dedicated to the prevention of cancer and chronic disease.

Mr Shannon continues to be involved in teaching and research, having presented at local, national and international meetings. He is a surgical teacher for UWA and mentors students during their final year studies. In his spare time, he balances a family of 3 teenage children and keeping fit as an enthusiastic cyclist and passionate supporter of Ride For Youth.


Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse

Lisa Ferri is the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse at Hollywood Private Hospital. This role was developed by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia in 2012 to provide support and assistance to men and their families with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Nursing for over 30 years, Lisa has spent 16 years at Hollywood Hospital, specialising in Urology, Uro Oncology and prostate cancer management. She provides information and support to patients and their families as they navigate the cancer journey. Lisa is dedicated to improving patient healthcare and has contributed to developing patient resources, reviewing models of care, and was invited as an expert advisor to determine information content for the consumers and health professionals component of the Prostate Cancer Rural Roadshow. Lisa is the current President of the Society of Urological Nurses in Western Australia and is one of only two Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses in Western Australia.


The Prostate Clinic Theatre Nurse

Natalie is an experienced theatre scrub nurse, and has been working at Hollywood Private Hospital for . She has extensive experience in urological surgery and has been in charge of Dr Shannon’s theatre for almost 5 years. More recently, she has undertaken training in robotic surgery and ensures optimal care for patients whilst they are in the operating suite.


The Prostate Clinic Nurse Practitioner
MSN, BSc, Grad Dip Diab Ed, Midwife
A Nurse Practitioner is a Registered Nurse educated and authorised to function autonomously and collaboratively in an advanced and extended clinical role. This means Melissa can write your prescriptions, order diagnostic tests e.g blood tests/X Rays/ ultrasound scans as required, provide referrals and perform minor procedures.
Melissa was trained at Curtin University and has continued to keep studying since finishing her initial qualification in 1995. She has worked in many rural and remote communities in Australia over the past 20 years as a clinician. She has also worked as an academic in teaching and research roles for both Curtin University and the WA Centre for Rural Health (formerly CUCRH). Her professional areas of interest include sexuality, sexual dysfunction, wound care, and wellness.

Sarah Kenagy

The Prostate Clinic Pelvic Health Physiotherapist
Sarah has studied at both Curtin University and Melbourne University in both undergraduate and post graduate qualifications. She holds a Masters in both Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapy as well as postgraduate certificates in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation. Sarah has been working in pelvic health physiotherapy for over 10 years working in Melbourne, Torquay, Dubai and now Perth.
Sarah treats pelvic floor problems including continence, prolapse, bowel dysfunction, pelvic pain and pre/post prostatectomy rehabilitation.
Incontinence is one of the side effects of a prostatectomy.  Sarah will support you in your recovery to continence after your surgery. Your pelvic floor health and function will be assessed pre-operatively and pelvic floor muscle exercises are started before your surgery. Sarah will follow you through your journey to continence after your surgery, helping you to regain your fitness, strength and return to all your desired activities/sports after surgery.

Kendall Gow

The Prostate Clinic Nurse

Kendall is a Diabetes Specialist Nurse at the Prostate Clinic and at Hollywood Private Hospital. She is passionate about chronic disease management, urology and diabetes.

She is a Credentialed Diabetes Educator by the Australian Diabetes Educators Association and graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) and Bachelor of Science (Nursing) from Edith Cowan University.

With her passion for nutrition and nursing, she wanted to put these interests together and pursue a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes from Curtin University. She has also recently completed her Master of Nursing to become a Nurse practitioner.

Kendall assists in the Weight loss Clinic at the Prostate Clinic for those in need of rapid weight loss as well as the LUTS Clinic. She also assists in urology and diabetes management and will soon be assisting in survivorship clinics to help manage, prepare patients for surgery and manage disease.