Greenlight laser surgery

What is Greenlight Laser Surgery?

Greenlight laser prostatectomy is a procedure that uses high energy laser light to vaporise obstructing prostate tissue when blockage causes problems with urination.

The operation can be done under a general or regional anaesthetic and a telescope is introduced through the urethra and a special laser fibre delivers laser energy. The operation usually lasts for an hour but can take longer if the prostate is large. You will stay in hospital usually for two nights and the catheter is removed after 48 hours.

Prostate cancer can still occur as you still have a prostate but the PSA level will fall after surgery so normal reference ranges will no longer apply.



Greenlight laser video


  • There is little bleeding during or after surgery as the high temperature seals bloodvessels
  • safe
  • effective
  • short catheter time
  • no need for tissue retrieval
  • rapid return to activity
  • minimal time off blood thinners


  • Infection- uncommon
  • Bleeding- significant reading is rare but minor bleeding
  • Anaesthetic complications
  • Impotence (erection issues)- very rare
  • Loss of ejaculation
  • Incontinence
  • Urgency or running to toilet
  • Scar formation
  • Conversion to standard TURP

It is important to alert us if you cannot pass urine and feel uncomfortable, if you don’t pass urine for more than 4 hours, you experience signs of an infection (fever, discomfort, odour in urine, feeling unwell) or if you have fresh blood in your urine that doesn’t settle.