Second opinion

Why seek a second opinion?

When it comes to prostate cancer, it’s important not to panic and rush into a course of action before understanding all the details. Seeking a second opinion is a valuable choice for those who want to ensure their care options are on the right track and to consider additional treatment options that may not have been previously discussed. A second opinion will also be helpful in reassuring you that you have explored all of your options. The second specialist can also answer any questions you may still have.

Having another specialist examine your diagnostic imaging and biopsy results helps to ensure that your cancer has been accurately staged and optimal treatment options have been offered.

When seeing another expert for a second opinion, it is best to bring along any medical records including blood tests, imaging and biopsy results to help them diagnose your condition more accurately.

How to get a second opinion

You can either ask your current specialist to recommend you to Dr Shannon at the Prostate Clinic or if you don’t feel comfortable, you can ask your GP for a referral.

You can ask for a second opinion even if you have already started treatment or wish to still be treated by your first doctor.

You have the right to ask for as many opinions as you like and Doctors can’t discriminate against you for requesting a second opinion.

You may later decide you prefer to be treated by the doctor who provided the second opinion, which is also your right.